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Catering to your requirements, handling your needs with care

We pay money not to have the luxury of an en suite-bathroom at three in the morning. We pay money so we can stumble over guy-ropes and hope nothing attacks us on the way to the loo. Yes, we are campers and understandably outdoor enthusiasts.

We tend to drift toward locations where there are lots of outdoor activities on offer like climbing,hiking, mountain biking…. those sort of things. Both our children have taken to the outdoor lifestyle and they absolutely love camping. Therefore we have trekked up valleys to get to crags with them in tow, tugging along Barbies and colouring books as additional entertainment because it is entertaining to watch your sister climb for approximately 30 seconds when you are 6 years old. So, in the end, beginning to flog outdoor gear for camping and hiking and climbing was inevitable. We are really passionate about life outdoors, and believe it is part of our heritage as South Africans. We should not only enjoy it, but care for it and ensure the sustainable use and enjoyment of it.

Being educators and understanding the value of education, we hope to eventually be able to fund the development of outdoor qualifications specifically targeted at up-skilling young entrepreneurs to not only improve their lives and those of their kin, but also so they can create jobs, grow the economy and most important, raise awareness for a sustainable future of our National Heritage.

Supporting us will help us earn an extra income, but more importantly your support will one day bear fruit in the form of ENVIRONMENTALLY AWARE, SUSTAINABLE, CARING and PROSPEROUS individuals.

We will do our best to offer exceptional service, good advice, recommend the right gear for your specific needs, share our experience and most of all help you to enjoy and enhance your outdoor experience.

Just because we pay not to have luxuries doesn’t mean we can’t stumble over guy ropes in style.

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